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The Arab #FinTex Symposium: At the nexus of financial technology and economic development, policymakers and regulators, academics, and professionals nurture an informed and critical debate about ways to promote transformative opportunities for Arab countries.

Arab #FinTex Symposium on Blockchain Technology & Financial Inclusion

Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates | December 12-13, 2018

The emergence of financial technology holds promise for transformative change in Arab economies. Blockchain is a matter of heated debate and it is about time to outline its ramifications for innovations in financial inclusion from a development policy perspective. What is in it for payment systems in the Arab World? What role do policymakers and regulators play to safeguard integrity and security?

Powered by the Central Bank of the UAE and FIARI

Co-hosted by the Central Bank of the UAE, the 2018 Arab #FinTex Symposium is a prime example of the Financial Inclusion for the Arab Region Initiative (FIARI).

Under FIARI, partner countries come together with the Arab Monetary Fund, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, the Alliance for Financial Inclusion, and the World Bank, that team up to accelerate innovative financial inclusion policy development in the Arab world.

This milestone event will nurture knowledge exchange at the nexus of technology and economic development among policymakers and regulators, scholars, and practitioners active at the frontier of finance and technology in the region and beyond.

"Blockchain - What's the Promise for Inclusion and Innovation? What's the Role of Policymakers and Regulators?

The 2018 Arab #FinTex Symposium provides a platform for elaborating regional and global developments in Blockchain technology and financial inclusion, in particular for payments innovations. A key outcome will be about identifying conducive policy and regulatory approaches to financial technology that hold promise – or have proven successful – for transformative change in the Arab economies. Join the discussion!

Meet the Speakers

The Arab #FinTex Symposium brings in experts from academia, government authorities and markets from the Arab region and around the globe.

Alexi Lane, CEO and Founder, Everex

Andreas Kuck, Country Director, GIZ

Arend Kulenkampff, Senior Associate, Bankable Frontier Associates

Arushi Joshi, Founder & CEO, AtCash

Dilip Rao, Global Head, Infrastructure Innovation, Ripple

Dr. Alfred Hannig, Executive Director, Alliance for Financial Inclusion

Dr. Arif Ismail, Head of FinTech, South African Reserve Bank

Dr. Najy Benhassine, Director and Acting Senior Director, World Bank

Esmond Lee, Advisor, Euroclear

Franz von Weizsäcker, Head of Blockchain Lab, GIZ

H.E. Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Hamidy, Chairman, Arab Monetary Fund

H.E. Gamal Negm, Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Egypt

H.E. Marouane El Abassi, Governor, Banque Centrale de Tunisie

H.E. Mubarak Rashid Al Mansouri, Governor, Central Bank of the UAE

H.E. Raed H. Charafeddine, First Vice-Governor, Banque du Liban

H.E. Rasheed Mohammed Al Maraj, Governor, Central Bank of Bahrain

Habib Attia, Senior Financial Sector Specialist, Arab Monetary Fund

Harish Natarajan, Lead Financial Sector Specialist, World Bank

Hayder Al-Bagdadi, Head of Project, GIZ

Kai Wagner, Partnership Development, Jolocom

Keith Bear, Vice President Global Financial Markets, IBM & Honorary Fellow, Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance

Kennedy Komba, Director, Alliance for Financial Inclusion

Konstantin Peric, Deputy Director, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Lazaro Campos, Senior Industry Expert, Booz Allen Hamilton

Maricris A. Salud, Bank Officer, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

Mr. Amr Ahmad, Head of FIU, Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ)

Mr. Esmond Lee, Advisor, Head of Asia Office, Euroclear

Mr. Hafid Oubrik, Director Payment Systems Department, Central Bank of the UAE

Mr. James Patrick O’Brien

Mr. Riyad Awwad, Director of Payment Systems Department, Palestine Monetary Authority

Mr. Shu-Pui Li, Advisor, the Governor Office, Central Bank of the UAE

Mr. Tommaso Mancini Griffoli, Assistant Director, International Monetary Fund

Mrs. Heba Abdel Monem, Head of Studies, Economic and Technical Department, AMF

Philipp Lesche, Co-founder, Crypto Development Fund

Prof. Douglas W. Arner, University of Hong Kong

Prof. Dr. Leon Perlman, Columbia University

Richard Teng, CEO, Abu Dhabi Global Market

Scott Robinson, Founder, Plug & Play FinTech

Shady El Tohfa, Chief Commercial Officer, Paymob

Wai Lum Kwok, Executive Director, Abu Dhabi Global Market

Wolfgang Engel, General Manager, Institute of International Finance

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